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Do Republicans want to alienate important districts they will need in 2016? We couldn`t see what would alienate us from each other again or how one brother could oppress another again. The president did not want to alienate southern lawmakers, whose votes he needed for his New Deal legislation. He seems to have done much more to alienate the other camp, with 54 percent of Democrats having a « very unfavorable » opinion of him. Taking a stand against President Obama is a good way to alienate the largest electorate in the Democratic Party. A Christian who attains perfection should expel from his mind everything that could alienate him from heaven – his true earth. When you alienate people, you make them stop loving you or caring about you. Show up at a cat lovers` conference with a sign around your neck that says, « I hate kittens, » and you`ll learn first-hand what that means. This can work spectacularly or alienate some users. In Latin times, before the word « extraterrestrial » meant small green males of space, it described something or someone who was foreign or different or unknown: a foreign custom, a foreign nation.

When you alienate people, you make them WISH that you are an alien, or at least that they can send you to the moon. Such cruel insinuations can never alienate you from the friends who love you. He mocked the Prince Regent, but he could not alienate the Conservatives. Further violence and an escalation of events into a civil war would only alienate him from the majority of the Ukrainian people. In 1790 Pitt defied his wishes elsewhere; he was not ready to alienate it completely and agreed to put pressure on Russia. Telling a new mother that she is hurting her child will alienate you more from her. It is characteristic of this intelligent but alienating text, which functions better as a literary criticism than as a biography, that Bradford does not feel the need to show compassion for such a sad and lonely end. Many social media companies are reluctant to say that some sources are less reliable than others, for fear of alienating a portion of their audience. Goldwater wanted to distance himself from conspiracy theories, but he feared alienating his base. .

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